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Speaker: Hongbo Xing, CIO, CH Auto Technologies Corp. / Qian Tu Automotive

Bio: Mr. Xing graduated from Shandong Mechanical Industry School with a major in mechanical manufacturing, and holds a postgraduate degree from Tianjin University of Technology. 1991-2016 China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd., successively worked as a technician, the head of the comprehensive process section, the director of the process institute, the director of the information office (the director of the group center) of the General Industry Office, and the manager of the planning and technical development department. Has accumulated 13 years of process design and process management experience, 22 years of information construction (informatization planning and project construction implementation) experience, and 5 years of group planning and investment management experience. 2016-present, Director, Information Management Department (IT Director), Information Management Center, Information Management Center, Beijing Great Wall Huaguan Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.

    Chair Professor of School of Information Management, Shandong University, Member of the 100-member Association of Chief Information Officer Alliance of the Yangtze River Delta, Director of Jiangsu Enterprise Informatization Association, Chairman of the Expert Committee of Jiangsu Enterprise Informatization Association, Jiangsu Provincial "Smart Manufacturing +" College Academic Member, Jiangsu Director of Industrial Internet Working Committee of Provincial Internet Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Suzhou IT Club. Co-founder of Shandong CIO Alliance. Chairman of the Shandong CIO Alliance Expert Committee.

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