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Zhijia Technology/autochinazh

Release Date:2019-12-16

Zhijia Technology (智车科技(https://www.ivtechnology.com.cn/#/)) is the most professional platform for communication and learning in the field of automatic driving. Zhiqi Technology WeChat public number belongs to Qingdao Zhiming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a smart home incubator of Qingdao. It has published more than 3,000 articles and has received more than 40,000 autopilot technology, academic and industrial colleagues. The total reading volume exceeded 10 million. Has been with China Automation Society, China Artificial Intelligence Society, SMC Social Computing and Social Intelligence Committee, CAA Hybrid Intelligence Committee, China Computer Society, China Command and Control Society, Tongji Intelligent Driving Research Institute, Tsinghua University Suzhou Research Institute, etc. Active cooperation and close ties have been established.

(http://www.autochinazh.com/)The mainstream automotive industry and economic media of China Autocross.net relies on the advantages of the industry background, relying on the high-end vision and noble taste, adhering to the concept of independent stand, exclusive report, and unique observation, to gather industry knowledge, promote industrial innovation, and leverage the advantages of the Internet and the United States Silicon Valley Smart Travel and other organizations cooperate in the exchange of smart travel, sharing economic project docking, guided by the automotive industry policy, dissemination of driverless cars, connected cars, artificial intelligence schools, big data analysis, emerging mobile travel, smart transportation ecosystem, market Information news, etc.

Cover high-end people in the automotive industry (government, industry and corporate executives), competent authorities, relevant government agencies, etc. Provide business services and marketing solutions for communication and cooperation between enterprises and governments, enterprises and consumers, overseas industrial layout, learning exchanges, exhibition forums.

Industry incubation: help young people with dreams to incubate new projects. Provide investment institutions with Silicon Valley innovation projects, and look for investors in the direction of independent car manufacturers, parts factories, auto parts companies, dealers, automobile transportation associations, etc., can participate in the emerging smart car transportation field, go abroad and come to the United States Silicon Valley to invest and Business development. The first LP (Limited Partner) can give preferential management fees and other value-added services (such as merger and acquisition opportunities, business development opportunities, etc.).

Our mission is to promote new energy vehicles, Internet-based vehicles, unmanned driving, shared travel, and intelligent transportation development, etc., to contribute to the liberation of human hands and feet, to achieve car service and enjoy the pleasure brought by travel.

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