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Release Date:2017-08-11

How to improve the automotive cyber security by using block chain.

Automotive technology is always in the forefront of various innovative applications, block chain will soon be applied to the field of automotive network information security. As the field of information security in the domestic automobile network leading industry event organizers - GRCC, will be held January 25, 2018 - 26 held in Shanghai "The 3rd Annual China Automotive Cyber Security Summit".(ACSS2018)

According to GM, KIA, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz company forecast to 2025, the global automotive network information security market will reach $700 M. even if in the future years, there will be more than 60 million vehicles will configure the network security solutions and services.

Due to the increasing number of car companies need to network information security solutions to prevent cyber attacks to ensure network safety and vehicle automatic driving vehicle, the industry needs to further expand exchanges in cooperation. ACSS2018 will as in the past for the industry of vehicle manufacturers, as well as a supplier of network security solutions provider to provide a platform for exchanges and cooperation, jointly explore the latest cyber threats, enterprise IT security laws and regulations, and end to cloud security and other hot end content. Specific topics will include: how to improve V2X security; solve the new sensor and car in computer network security vulnerabilities; car communication; electronic control unit is connected with the external protective measures; how to prevent malicious attacks; network connected cars, the evolution of auxiliary driving and automatic driving vehicle; master V2I vulnerability protection and infrastructure V2V; security protection technology and communication; protection system how to develop OTA security upgrades; commercial vehicle network security etc..

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