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Mr. Jiyong Gao studied at USA in 1994.He has achieved studied Master of Mechanical and Control from the University of Rhode Island, and a Ph.D. in computer and electrical engineering from the University of Detroit. He studied the "Intelligent Neural Network of Computer". In the end of August 2015, Mr. Gao returned to China from the United States and joined the Chery Automotive as the director of electrical and electronic technology and architecture. He is mainly responsible for ADAS, Chery smart cars, body electronics, car networking and audio entertainment systems, automotive network security, vehicle electronic architecture, vehicle electrical systems. Prior to this position, Mr. Gao has worked in the United States General Motors and Toyota Denso Motor Company as the automotive electronics senior engineer, chief engineer, electronic control manager and electronic architecture manager. He has 20+ years of North American automotive electronics product development Experience. He has also engaged in HVAC controllers, General Motor company Common Architecture BCM, Global A MSM, PEP, VPM and ADAS control modules hardware and software development and research. Mr. Gao participated in J3061 automotive network security assessment and other network security technology research, and has many years of automotive electronics Architecture research and development experience.

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