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Dr. Bai worked at the Hitachi Automotive New Technology Development Center in 1996 as any millimeter wave radar and active safety technology research and development senior engineer. In 2004 he worked at the United States Delft Japanese automotive electronics and security sector, as the radar and automotive active safety technology research and development senior system assembly engineer. In 2010, he entered the active safety department of Continental AG (Japan), and he was appointed as assistant of the R & D department of Radar and Automotive Active Safety Technology in the same year. In 2011, he returned to the post of Dongfeng Motor Corporation as the research center of the Technology Center. He presided over the mid-and-long-term planning of the technology center and the key technology research project of the 12th Five-Year Plan, "Adaptive Cruise and Emergency Collision Avoidance Technology". Dr. Bai worked at Tongji University in 2014 intelligent new energy vehicle collaborative innovation center was set up at the occasion of the transfer of Tongji University professor, as the intelligent vehicle environment comprehensive sensing system chief scientist. 1992-present JSAE member.,


Research direction

Mainly engaged in automobile environmental perception and information fusion technology, millimeter-wave radar technology, radar camera integration and intelligent vehicle technology applications and other aspects of scientific research and teaching work. In the field of intelligent driving and environment-sensing technology, the company has nearly 20 years of key technology and product R & D, mass production design and on-board design work experience. In the future, we will offer postgraduate and undergraduate courses in the direction of automotive electronics. In 2015, we will enroll 2 doctoral candidates and 3 master students. 

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