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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Yi (Estelle) Wang, Team Lead for Security & Privacy Competence Center Singapore

Principal Specialist Security & Privacy, Holistic Engineering & Technologies – he[a]t, Continental Automotive Singapore

Bio: Dr. Yi (Estelle) Wang received the Ph.D. degree in School of Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2008.

Dr. Wang built a team of Security & Privacy Competence Center (SCC) at Singapore, Holistic Engineering & Technologies – he[a]t, Continental Automotive Singapore from July 2016. Currently, she is leading team focusing on automotive advanced research projects and consultant projects including automotive Ethernet security, security for AI, side channel attacks/countermeasures for ECUs, post quantum cryptography in embedded system and vulnerability analysis for binary code/source code. Dr. Wang is also leading regulations and standardizations of Cybersecurity in APAC (Singapore, China, Japan, Korea), understanding the upcoming standard: ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering and involving the upcoming regulations UNECE WP29. She is a core member for Singapore Technical reference 68 part-3 Cybersecurity assessment for Autonomous Buses.

Dr. Wang honored with the title of “TOP 20 Women in Cybersecurity Singapore 2020” by Public Security Society with building up Cybersecurity Community at Continental Automotive and promoted Cybersecurity culture to Singapore and contributing and extending Cybersecurity Know-how to Singapore Institute of Technologies through guest lectures from 2019.

Dr. Wang is also active in society activities with more than 42 international top journals (IEEE transactions and ACM transactions)/conference papers, and 7 industrial patents. She is an associate editor for TCAS II from 2020. She is served as a Committee Member of the Singapore Chapter of the IEEE Circuit and System. She has been served as a Technical Program Committee member for ASP-DAC 2016, ASP-DAC 2018 (security track), CPSS 2018.

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