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Speaker: Dr. Zirao Cheng, Leader of Information Security and Intelligent Ecology Senior Expert of IoT Security and Director of Intelligent Ecological Technology, Xiaopeng Automotive 

Bio: Dr. Ziyao Cheng, PhD in Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Xiaopeng Automotive Information Security Leader, Senior Expert of IoT Security, responsible for company-level IoT security system architecture design, responsible for IoT security offense and defense, end-to-end security R & D for end-to-end, management, and cloud connectivity jobs. As the director of Xiaopeng Automobile's intelligent ecological technology, he is responsible for cooperating and uniting intelligent ecological partners to achieve landing and transformation business models and cutting-edge technology directions. He has worked for companies such as China Mobile, Huawei, NSFOCUS, etc., focusing on the research and development of IoT security, terminal security, and mobile security. He has published dozens of SCI papers and patents in security research.

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