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Speaker: Yu Wang, Director of Intelligent Automotive Research Office and Automotive Software Evaluation Center of China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) ; Head of Automotive Information Security Laboratory of CATARC.

Bio: Mr. Wang undertakes the WG5 Working Group Expert of National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee, and the National Auto Parts Committee Intelligent Networked Automobile Sub-technical committee auto-driving test scenarios international standards development support experts.

Mr. Wang focuses on the intelligent, networked, information security and future travel of automobiles. He published and published the English academic paper "Research on Intelligent Vehicle Index and Evaluation Method" at the SAE2018 International Conference on Automotive Intelligence and Network Technology. He was selected by the conference as one of the three best paper awards in more than 200 papers submitted. In addition, he presided over the research on "Automobile Intelligent Index and Evaluation Method", "Automobile Driving Technology Roadmap", "Intelligent Networked Vehicle Test Demonstration Zone Evaluation Research", "China Automotive Information Security Evaluation Regulations" and other topics. Advance the "China Smart Car Practical Verification Platform Research" and build the "WIC World Intelligent Driving Challenge", "CIVC China Smart Car Competition", "World Smart Driving A20 International Forum", "ICV-G20 International Forum" and other technologies Practice verification platform; and provide technical support for the rapid development of China's automotive information security technology through the establishment of intelligent networked automotive information security laboratory and automotive information security monitoring center.

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