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Speaker: Mingde Hu, Director of the Beijing Branch of the National Engineering Laboratory for Information Security Technology of Industrial Control Systems, special researcher; Director of the Advanced Technology Department of Knownsec Information Technology Co., Ltd.;


Study Focusing Area

● Engaged in information security research for more than 20 years

● Focus on security issues such as mobile phone location, bank payment, IOT, mobile, BIOS, car control system, etc.

● Proficient in hardware and software reverse engineering, vulnerability mining, and independently exploit high-risk vulnerabilities of well-known vendors.

Main Experience:

● Director of the Advanced Technology Department of Knownsec Information Technology Co., Ltd.;

● Director of Beijing Branch, National Engineering Laboratory, Information Security Technology, Industrial Control System

● External experts of the National Lock Center

● Developed a smart card driver supporting PC/SC standard during Beijing Feitian Integrity Co., Ltd.

● Developed a purple light S lock series safety product for Tsinghua Unisplendour Group

● Designed security products such as software dongle

● In 2013, together with the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed a domestic high-power hearing aid

● Participated in the XPWN competition in 2016, and attacked the SONY notebook BIOS security system on the spot.

● 2018 Snow Forum Forum Security Developer Summit Speech Blockchain Hardware Wallet Crack

● 2018 Kcon Hacking Technology Conference "Safety Analysis of Digital Wallet" Speaker

● Independent discovery of IBM, ThinkPad, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Dell and other well-known notebook brand BIOS backdoor vulnerability

● Security training for some Fortune 500 companies and security training for central enterprises




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