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Speaker: Arman Aygen, Global Innovation and Strategy Director for Identity Management & Security, UL

Bio: Mr. Aygen leads the Mobility Security arm of UL, whose aim is to help create standards and policies that will ensure the safe and secure transportation of people and goods. The Mobility Security team is working closely with vehicle licensing authorities in the US, the Netherlands, Singapore, Japan and the European Commission to develop international standards and best practice guidelines in cyber security.


Mr. Aygen began his career at UL in 2015 as Regional Manager, South Europe in UL’s Transaction Security division, focused on helping stakeholders in the payment industry ecosystem with their strategies, new innovative solutions and security. Prior to UL, Mr. Aygen was Business Development Director, EMEA & APAC for Mariner Partners, an IT and strategic advisory services business, specialised in emerging technologies including Big Data Analytics, Cloud and Security. 

 Mr. Aygen began his career in 2001 in Tokyo at a Japanese startup, Genista KK, as a research engineer and initiated a new product line for IPTV in 2003, providing tools measuring end-user quality, as perceived by the human. Mr. Aygen graduated with a Bachelor of Science in MicroEngineering from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne in 1998. He then obtained a Master of Science in Communication Systems from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 2000 and a Master of Science in Multimedia Communication Systems from the Eurecom Institute in 2001.

About UL Identity Management & Security (IMS)

UL’s IMS division enables trust and vital end-to-end security designed for our interconnected world. These include developing security frameworks, structuring security programs for interconnected ecosystems through to security and identification / authentication, evaluations and certification. We enable businesses to implement innovations without compromising on security which will maintain customer trust whilst increasing market access.


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