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Speaker: Steve Tengler, Principal, KUGLER MAAG CIE

BIO: Steve has worked within the automotive industry on the connected car for over a quarter of a century for some of the top brands in world: Ford, Nissan and OnStar. He is now a Principal at Kugler Maag Inc, the #1 automotive consultant globally. He has a BSE and MSE from The University of Michigan (“Go Blue!”), has previously taught at Wayne State University, and has nearly forty (40) publications and 50+ patents to his name.  Steve was previously leader of the original Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership (CAMP) research into cybersecurity protocols for cooperative, wireless systems (a.k.a. V2X) and most recently was a Line of Business Leader for cybersecurity products for an automotive Tier 1.

Steve resides with his wife and two boys in Southeastern Michigan, and can be contacted at steve.tengler@kuglermaag.com. You can read his and other KMC blogs at www.kuglermaag.us

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