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The Cloud Security Alliance Greater China (referred to as "CSA GCR") is an independent, neutral, authoritative non-profit organization and is one of the four global federal regions of the International Cloud Security Alliance CSA (the other regions are the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe Non-regional), there are hundreds of institutional members, more than 7,000 individual members, and more than ten local chapters.

CSA GCR and various United Nations organizations (ITU, Social and Economic Council, Science and Technology Development Commission, Industrial Development Organization, United Nations University, World Silk Road Forum, etc.), ISO, International Association of Privacy Experts (IAPP), Russian State Information Security Forum (INFOforum), East West Institute (EWI) and other international security authority cooperation, including the introduction of standards, technology, courses and other advanced international security and privacy best practices, and assist China's political, industrial, academic and research circles to integrate domestic security policies and practices Introduced abroad, this makes the security technology both autonomous and controllable in China and in line with international standards.

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