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CIO Time / Auto Info

Release Date:2019-12-31

The CIO Times  (http://www.ciotimes.com/) is affiliated to Beijing Xi Aio Management Technology Co., Ltd. It was founded in 2003 by the backbone of the Beijing University CIO Forum. It is also the first batch of incubation projects collected from the campus of the Beijing University Science and Technology Park when the Pioneering Center was established. Since the opening of the CIO class in Peking University in 2005, the CIO Times has been the sole cooperative school unit for CIO classes in Peking University. In 2015, the CIO Times launched the CIO Times Academy, which independently conducts CIO training. At present, the CIO classes offered by the CIO Times Academy include general CIO classes twice a year, and also include medical CIO classes, government CIO classes, financial CIO classes, Internet CIO-CTO classes and other industry CIO classes. In 2016, on the basis of successfully hosting CIO classes, the CIO era APP was also launched. In the CIO era, APP is positioned for new technology, new business, and new management. The CIO era APP includes information on more than 20 topics, micro-lectures and quizzes by IT industry experts, CIOs and teachers, selection and recruitment of new IT products, and personal services such as online schools in the CIO era. It also provides enterprises and universities with "enterprise" "Consultant" and "Second Tutor" services.

AutoInfo (http://www.autoinfo.org.cn/autoinfo_cn/index.html#) was founded in 1996 and serves more than 2,000 members. After more than 20 years of continuous upgrading, a specialized professional information service platform has been formed. The platform covers key columns such as policies, standards, announcements, data, sales forecasts, special analysis, cutting-edge technology, and corporate intelligence. It comprehensively sorts out the automotive industry, information, and data resources, and displays the industry's development trends and future trends in all directions.

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