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Release Date:2019-12-26

Founded in April 2012 by Beijing Yiweichangxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd., EV Look is the first authoritative media publishing platform and information technology exchange platform at home and abroad to build a new energy vehicle industry chain information. The promotion and popularization of new energy vehicles. The EV Look is all-encompassing, informative, timely and comprehensive. It consists of ten columns: news, encyclopedia, interviews, policies, statistics, special topics, car types, columns, videos, exhibitions. Each large column is divided into detailed sub-columns, allowing users to view the knowledge and current status of the new energy vehicle industry in the click-to-click environment, and to be able to show the automotive industry big things without leaving home. At the same time, it also provides car buyers with comprehensive information on the performance configuration of various models and comparison of advantages and disadvantages, and gives constructive suggestions to the professional authority of car buyers. Car buyers can find out the car brand and exhibition and supplier information through the platform.

EV NEWS focus on future mobility

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