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BlackBerry and MARELLI China team up to integrate QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits

Release Date:2019-12-12

Marelli Digital Cockpit

Source: @BlackBerry on Twitter

Looking to expand their partnership, BlackBerry and MARELLI Electronics China have now announced plans to collaborate to integrate QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits into MARELLI's Electronics eCockpit and Digital Cluster offering. The solution, once integrated, will be used by MARELLI's Chinese OEM customers.

"It's a privilege to work with MARELLI to deliver this innovative solution with a view to providing the kind of in-car experience that drivers want, with the safety, security, and reliability they need," said Kaivan Karimi, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of BlackBerry Technology Solutions, BlackBerry. "Together we will enable leading Chinese automakers to provide customers with access to the latest applications that consumers want while simultaneously securing and sandboxing the infotainment portion of the digital cockpit so that if an app crashes, or its security is compromised or needs to be updated, it will not impact mission critical-driving functions."

BlackBerry has worked with MARELLI Electronics China since 2016 deploying QNX Hypervisor for Safety and QNX Software Development Platform 7.0 across four major Chinese automakers. Speaking on the announcement, Wisea Wu, General Manager, MARELLI Electronics China noted:

"New automotive technologies are evolving faster than ever in the competitive global auto market, the partnership with BlackBerry aligns with our strategies and allows us to develop next-generation, safe and reliable digital cockpits for our customers, which we believe will help Chinese automakers to boost the security and connectivity of their vehicles."

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