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Vehicle interconnections demonstrated

Release Date:2019-12-05

An interoperability application demonstration was held at Shanghai International Automobile City in Jiading District last month.

It featured China’s first cross-module, cross-terminal, cross-vehicles and cross-security platforms C-V2X.

C-V2X (cellular-based vehicle-to-everything) is one of the world’s most popular Internet-connected communication standards. It can provide key support for the connection between vehicles, vehicles and roads, vehicles and people, vehicles and networks, so that vehicles can “see” the road and “listen.”

At present, many vehicle communication industry related parties such as communication operators, equipment manufacturers and automobile manufacturers are actively deploying applications and product development in the area.

At the demonstration, visitors could take the demonstration vehicle, starting from the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, and experience the warnings on safe speed limits, road hazards, red lights, potential collisions, blind zones and vehicle faults on an intelligently connected open test road.

More than 20 domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers and over 30 terminal manufacturers and security vendors including BMW, Audi, SAIC Volkswagen, BAIC and Great Wall attended the demonstration.

The demonstration took place at the Intelligent Network Link Demonstration Zone of Shanghai International Automobile City.

All the demonstration vehicles completed acceptance checks in a closed test area before they entered the open test roads to formally demonstrate the application.

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