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General Motors collaborates with US Army for automotive cybersecurity

Release Date:2019-12-02

US Army CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) and General Motors will collaborate for the research and development of automotive cybersecurity systems.

New Delhi: American auto major General Motors has partnered with General Motors for improving automotive cybersecurity.

The automaker says in a release that 
US Army CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) and General Motors will collaborate for the research and development of automotive cybersecurity systems.

This collaboration is claimed to help both GM and the army’s automotive cybersecurity expertise over the next two years. As part of the agreement, the automaker and 
US Army will start an engineer exchange program focusing on vehicle penetration testing and risk analysis.

This is the first automotive cybersecurity partnership of its kind between GVSC and an OEM, where cybersecurity experts from both parties will share best practices, methodologies, tools, and approaches focused on conducting penetration testing and cybersecurity risk analysis.

In addition to improving cybersecurity processes, both the organizations aim to share key learnings with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for the development of common standards.

Kevin Tierney, GM chief product cybersecurity officer, said, "Cybersecurity is an area of growing concern to the auto industry and one GM takes very seriously, which is why a partnership with the U.S. Army is crucially important. The insights we can glean from one another will only further benefit how we approach this important issue."

Commenting on the partnership, Jeff Langhout, director, GVSC, said, "Working with our collaborative partners in the automotive industry, like we’re doing here with General Motors, is a key component to quickly and efficiently develop our automotive cybersecurity capabilities."

He also added, "The opportunities that our neighbors here in Southeast Michigan present for advanced technology development will pay dividends to our Soldiers now, and well into the future."

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