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The latest domestic news introduces new car technologies to ensure car safety

Release Date:2019-09-26

Nowadays, more and more new technologies for passenger cars can support drivers on the wheels, can communicate with each other and the environment of the car Dehui City. Such a system can improve the safety of many vehicles, making the vehicle more cost-effective and generating more possibilities, such as the disabled or the elderly to keep moving. Minister Ke Wei once stressed that security is of the utmost importance when introducing this technology.

“You only have one chance to do the right thing. Ke Wei said that the first introduction of new technology must be a positive experience. When introducing new technologies in transportation, pay attention to road problems. Mainly for safety issues. It is vital.

So how to use it safely?

Many accidents are caused by some mistakes. Then, the system that can help the driver exists. Some of these systems are more common than others. To use these new technologies safely, drivers first need to understand what's in their car and how to best use them. The Minister is meeting with the automotive industry and the Royal Dutch Travel Club ANWB to expand their knowledge and experience of this system. She also put this topic on Gothenburg's agenda.

In Europe, vehicles must meet type approval standards. These standards are primarily based on technical requirements. Modern buses have a large amount of software and are regularly updated. To ensure that cars remain safe on the road, the Minister called on her European counterparts and the automotive sector to work with her on security software, cybersecurity and road safety.

Car driver's license

Cars can contain many sensors and technologies. It is very important to use this technology correctly in all types of traffic conditions. This also means that cars should not only follow the rules, but should also apply them according to the expectations of other road users. The Netherlands offers drivers who drive cars the opportunity to drive autonomous vehicles. In a controlled situation, the car learns to adapt to traffic. In addition, a draft bill on the pilot use of remotely driven autonomous vehicles has been submitted to the Senate. Together with the Dutch Vehicle Authority and the Driving License Center CBR, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is developing a “bus driver's license” and a so-called “software driver's license”. The Netherlands is inviting other countries and the automotive industry to jointly develop ISO standards. Such a driver's license plus current type of approval and attention to safety software will help prepare for innovation in Europe.

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