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Car network security is hot! Experts call for breakthrough core technology to build a security management center

Release Date:2019-09-26

Yao Laiying, deputy mayor of Tianjin, said that the car networking industry is a new form of industry that is deeply integrated in many industries such as automobile, electronics and information. It is of great significance to promote the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry and achieve high-quality development. Tianjin will do its best to do network security work, actively improve the safety guarantee system of the vehicle network, ensure the safety of intelligent network management, data security, network security, build a safety management system, test and evaluation system and protection mechanism, and promote the formation of deep integration and innovation. An active, safe and credible, competitive new ecosystem of the Internet of Vehicles.

"Car networking (Intelligent networked car) is a new thing. Its industrial form is new, its industry span is large, and its application scope is wide. Its perfection and development require vehicle manufacturers, parts and components R&D enterprises, Internet companies, universities, and scientific research. Institutions and other joint exploration and cooperation. "To further improve the safety of the vehicle network, Zhao Zhiguo, director of the Network Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, proposed to fully understand the importance and urgency of the safety of the vehicle network; accelerate the breakthrough of the core technology of the vehicle network security; Car network security system; strengthen the talent team security and international exchanges and cooperation.

The rapid development of the Internet of Vehicles industry is inseparable from the support of network security work. The development of vehicle networking has also brought new challenges to network security. For this, Li Yunfeng, deputy inspector of the Network Security Coordination Bureau of the Central Network Office, suggested that the industry should be condensed. The power of technology, standards, management, and even industrial systems and personnel training continue to increase R & D innovation and investment, and continue to play a key role in network security for the development of the Internet of Vehicles industry; development of people-centered car network security The system protects the security of terminal (vehicle) link data; it is deeply recognized that only by making network security an important premise, can we promote the healthy development of the automobile industry.

Academician Shen Changxiang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering emphasized that cybersecurity threats and protection are eternal themes. The traditional "blocking and killing" has been difficult to cope with attacks. It is necessary to establish a computational framework for active immunization. By constructing an active immune triple protection framework supported by a trusted security management center, the calculation results can be measured and controlled, protected and calculated. Coexisting active immune computing mode. The Internet of Vehicles is a typical Internet of Things. It is necessary to simplify the complex problems with a hierarchical protection security management center architecture and form a security management center according to the level protection requirements.

Zheng Jihu, director of the Data Resource Center of China Automotive Technology and Research Center, said that automotive network security has gradually become an important hidden danger for national security. The automobile network security trust system is an important means to solve the security problem of the vehicle network. In order to solve the problems faced by the automobile industry in the process of establishing a network trust system, the China National Automotive Center and related enterprises, universities, and research institutes jointly build a trust support platform for the vehicle network, providing network security for the intelligent and networked development of the automotive industry. Guarantee.

Yang Bin, senior vice president of Tianrongxin, pointed out that to do a good job in vehicle network security protection, it is necessary to learn from the IT network security protection technology, combined with the vehicle network business scenario, using a variety of protection technologies to coordinate linkage. Through authentication and encryption technology, it realizes trusted identity authentication and communication encryption transmission in the car network, the car and the cloud, the car and the mobile phone, and prevents attacks such as command cracking, replay attack, forged identity, data stealing and the like. Through the white-list-based in-vehicle intrusion detection technology, combined with the reporting of security incidents and the delivery of cloud policies, it can detect attacks such as abnormal traffic and abnormal packet recognition. Through the vehicle security gateway, the vehicle security domain is isolated to realize access control, CAN packet depth detection, security audit, intrusion prevention, etc. among the key interconnect components in the vehicle, and realize the security protection of the vehicle network boundary.

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