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Suggestions on Solving the Problem of Intelligent Network

Release Date:2019-09-26

Connection Car Network Security

According to the McKinsey research report, the ecological network of the intelligent network of the automotive industry can reach 1.9 trillion US dollars in 2025. While the automotive industry is moving toward full speed in the direction of networking and intelligence, it has also increased the network security risks of intelligent networked vehicles because of the increase in networking behavior. In-vehicle infotainment systems, navigation systems, physical interfaces such as OBD, in-vehicle Bluetooth and wireless access, and vulnerabilities in electronic control unit firmware may all become targets of attack. Attackers can extract sensitive data such as encryption keys or remotely use mobile application software. Controlling the vehicle can achieve an attack on the vehicle itself. Therefore, how to ensure the security of intelligent networked vehicles in the network environment is a common concern and research issue in the world. To this end, the recommendations are as follows.


Accelerate the development of standards related to intelligent networked vehicle network security. Drawing on the legislation and practical experience of intelligent networked vehicles in developed regions such as the United States and the European Union, researching and analyzing the problems in China's autonomous driving, combined with the development needs of intelligent networked vehicles, we will issue relevant standards as soon as possible and carry out research on the applicability of the terms. Improve the top-level planning and design of the standard system, build an intelligent networked vehicle network security standard system with outstanding focus, coordination, scientific openness, integration and innovation, and accelerate the key areas of intelligent networked vehicle network security such as terminal and application security, network and communication security. And the development of common basic standards.


Accelerate the breakthrough of intelligent network security network security protection technology. Increase the intelligent network operating system and computing platform, 5G network and vehicle communication, automotive electronic stability control technology, parts program code information verification technology, component security "write protection" mechanism, data information fault protection Breakthroughs have been made in core technology areas such as mechanism and data information transmission verification mechanism to improve the emergency response capability of intelligent networked vehicles in the event of major information security incidents. Strengthen the research on network transmission security technologies such as network encryption technology and trusted computing, and the authentication mechanism for intelligent networked vehicle terminal equipment to ensure the credibility of terminal equipment and avoid unauthenticated terminal equipment connected to intelligent networked vehicles. A security threat to the car.


Improve the network security level of intelligent networked cars. Accelerate the construction of efficient and reliable detection protection and response recovery system in complex communication environment. By studying multi-domain hierarchical intrusion detection and active protection information security model, establish a cooperative attack defense and wireless communication security protection mechanism, and design different security level responses. Mechanism and recovery strategy, build a software and hardware integrated protection system for the evolution of the new electronic and electrical architecture of intelligent networked vehicles, and form a full-life information security system for the intelligent detection and protection-response-recovery of intelligent networked vehicles.

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