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Three explorations of NIO

Release Date:2019-09-26

NIO, who has a bad year, is experiencing various internal and external crises. From time to time, he will be listed on the industry and even social headlines due to a negative news. As a head company in the new power of the car, NIO has been exploring and solving various problems in itself and the industry since its birth. Among them, how to better improve the safety supervision of electric vehicles, how to flexibly deal with the contradiction between the upgrade of driving range and the current technical level of batteries, how to make electric vehicle users more convenient to charge, and truly let users think in the process of serving the owners, etc. The problem is the common problem faced by enterprises in the new energy automobile industry chain. The solution that Wei Lai is making out, whether it is ultimately successful or not, is more reference and warning for the industry.

How to strengthen security monitoring?

"I am passing through the hot days every day." Li Bin, the chairman of Wei Lai Automobile, did not speak in public on some occasions. It was this ridicule and emotion when he got on the podium. There are some laughter and whispers in the audience: "It's really ah!" "How come out?"

In 2019, Weilai Automobile was still in the forefront in the total volume of mass production delivery, but it was negatively entangled. The most influential in the industry is the intensive occurrence of vehicle fires and the recall of up to 4,803 ES8s, setting the highest recall for new vehicles.

From late April to June, several Weilai ES8 electric car fires occurred in Shanghai and Xi'an. Wei Lai first urgently issued the "Interim Measures on Strengthening Charging Safety", and temporarily controlled the maximum charge to 90% through software control. After that, it was decided to recall some vehicles equipped with power battery packs produced between April 2, 2018 and October 19, 2018, starting June 27, 2019. At that time, Weilai Automobile delivered a total of more than 17,000 ES8s, which was the first company in the new car industry to realize product delivery.

Li Bin said in an open letter that Weilai will use a battery pack replacement method to eliminate potential safety hazards. "Although it is the most expensive method, it is the most secure way for us."

In fact, in the first half of 2019, there was a wave of pure electric vehicles in the entire industry, and many car brands were involved. The New Energy Vehicle National Big Data Alliance released the "New Energy Vehicle National Supervision Platform Big Data Security Supervision Results Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). Since May this year, the new energy vehicle national regulatory platform has found 79 new energy vehicle safety accidents. , involving 96 vehicles. Wei is not a case.

"Because of such an incident, we have accumulated a lot of experience and lessons." Zeng Shizhe, director of the Weilai Automotive Energy Storage Systems Department, said. As a result, Weilai Automobile has become one of the most experienced companies in the industry.

"We probably understand what happens in which specific situations, and thus develop a variety of algorithmic warnings. After the fourth event, basically no similar events occur, indicating that some algorithms are effective. “In introducing the Weilai Battery Big Data Cloud Application and Security Monitoring System, Zeng Shizhe said that a very important part of the product system is the service center. All current battery safety data of Weilai has 24-hour monitoring. Abnormal. "Our people are very afraid of encountering some emergency calls, or if they encounter an unknown number at night, they will worry if there is a problem. This incident has taught us a lot of lessons. We found that most of the fires in Weilai vehicles. Many monitoring methods cannot be applied when it does not open during standing."

The improvement method adopted by Wei Lai is to let the system on the vehicle wake up every 10 minutes, check the various data of the vehicle, mainly observe whether the voltage is abnormal, whether the temperature has changed, etc., because the vehicle reacts in different time periods. are different. If an abnormality is found, it will be fed back to the background. Once the background confirmation is abnormal, the customer will be notified immediately for security protection. After each incident, Weilai engineers will intervene the first time after receiving the cloud alert. "There are more than a thousand engineers in China who are on call at the scene and go directly to the scene. Often we go earlier than the fire brigade."

Industry experts have already clearly pointed out that as the industry will continue to improve the cruising range as the direction of electric vehicle development, the policy subsidy quota is linked with the vehicle's pure electric driving mileage and the battery pack's specific energy, resulting in the vehicle constantly stacking the battery pack. Increased the risk of burning. Whether it is from a security perspective or a user experience, Li Bin believes that the entire industry should return to the essence of consumption and use innovative methods to resolve this contradiction.

How to handle the battery upgrade?

"Look at the oil in the fuel tank is always full?" Li Bin became another one at the 2019 New Energy Automobile Consumption Forum, which was jointly organized by China Automobile Dealers Association and Ryukyu Motors. The head of the car company that publicly squanders the shortcomings of pure electric life mileage.

Li Bin believes that the industry has paid too high a price to improve the mileage of pure electric power, including adding batteries, increasing costs, sacrificing comfort, and even reducing weight. All of this will affect the user experience. The reality is that many people who use electric cars only drive dozens of kilometers a day, but they have to carry a battery that can run hundreds of kilometers at a time.

"So I think that the endurance is appropriate, this thing should have some new thinking in the whole industry." Li Bin provided another solution for this: change the electricity.

Switching itself is not a new technology and new model. It was once regarded as a “failure attempt” in the industry and “cannot become a mainstream solution”. But at the moment, Wei Lai has seen its unique value in some scene applications.

Through the design of power exchange, Weilai can provide consumers with flexible energy upgrade services and battery upgrade services. "We can upgrade the battery life by the day. Users can rent a 60-degree battery every day. You can temporarily rent a battery with 84 degrees of electricity when you go out. After returning, you can return the battery to the power station." Li Bin pointed out that "long battery life." Equivalent to the advanced nature of electric vehicles is actually a particularly misleading, the entire industry should be reversed as soon as possible."

In order to let more consumers are willing to try this way, recently, Weilai Auto even announced that all existing and new purchases of the first ES8 and ES6 owners will enjoy free lifetimes on the basis of the lifetime free warranty. Change the power. The Weilai owners who meet the conditions can enjoy the free replacement service for life without any number of times. The number of times the interest is used is not included in the “Energy Worry” service package equity.

It is understood that Weilai Power Station has more than 500 patented technologies, adopting compact modular design, only occupying three standard parking spaces, and the service capability can be rapidly expanded; fully automatic power change can be completed in three minutes. Every time the power station is changed, the vehicle battery and the vehicle system will be fully tested to ensure that the vehicle and battery are always in the best condition.

As early as the end of 2017, when ES8 went public, Weilai announced that it would adopt a power-changing mode and plans to deploy an automatic power station in major cities with a service radius of 3 kilometers. By 2020, Weilai will build 1,100 power stations.

How to implement user thinking in the charging service?

By mid-August, “all of our Weilai Autos (ES8, ES6) have opened 216 million kilometers at home and abroad. From the small year to the first month of the fifteenth week, ES8 users ran 160 million kilometers.” When Li Bin was excited to read this series of figures, he also knew the importance of establishing a network of guarantees around the world.

For the phrase "to make the user charge as convenient as refueling", Wei Lai has established its own unique security system. Some actions have even been criticized. For example, in places where there is no way to install charging piles (Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, etc.), Weilai even uses mobile charging vehicles that burn diesel to guarantee services. Looking back now, Li Bin explained that in this 200 million kilometers, the proportion of the service-type mobile charging car service is actually less than five thousandths. This is also a misunderstanding of electric vehicles. "It is often biased to take a point to deny the whole industry. I think it is unfair to the entire electric vehicle industry."

Although this example is not positive, it also confirms a recent rumor on the Internet. Even if it leaves Wei's employees, it is admitted that Li Bin is always "stupid to the user."

Li Bin’s “stupid things” in service are not limited to this. For example, I want to do everything I can to install a home charging pile for my users. In many cases, I even don’t hesitate to “seek” a lot of departments. So far, the installation ratio of Weilai Auto's household charging piles is as high as 78%.

He also changed the term "charging" to "power-on". In April, Weilai opened a one-button power-up service for electric vehicle users, not just Weilai owners. I hope that they will not have battery life and find piles when using electric vehicles. Anxiety.

According to reports, more than a dozen mainstream electric vehicle users will be able to place orders through the WeChat small program "one button power", with 280 yuan / time and 380 yuan / time price, enjoy "one button power up" service. When the user places an order through the mobile phone, the “one-click power-on” dispatching system will calculate big data according to various factors such as vehicle location, remaining power, charging facility network layout, and service commissioner's take-over road conditions. One-click power-up scheme ensures that the replenishment is completed in the shortest possible time. This service is also equipped with a road service specialist, who has undergone rigorous screening and systematic training, and cooperates with the generation of driving insurance included in the service fee to make the whole process of power-on peace of mind.

This innovation stemming from Internet thinking has included the public charging resources and exclusive resources of the whole society as big data, connecting users with these resources through high-speed cloud computing, and implementing customer-receiving power through the road service commissioner. Allow users to freely control the tedious charging waiting time.

The data shows that before the service was opened, one-click power-up has served more than 93,000 singles for Weilai users. In August of this year, Weilai has provided 176,000 “one-button power-on” services, and 30% of its single-volumes are from electric vehicle users outside Weilai, and the growth rate is also relatively fast.

"In fact, our innovation and investment in this area is very large. This is a system project, and it is not limited to one point." Li Bin said that there are currently mobile charging vehicles to protect the remote areas and home owners who do not have charging piles. Services, as well as fast-changing services in the power station to protect highways and densely populated cities. In order to improve efficiency, Weilai Automobile also has a mobile Internet-based energy dispatching system for power-on dispatching, which connects charging piles, charging vehicles, power stations, vehicles and service personnel.

"What we provide to users is a full-environment energy service plan. Weilai owners want to go to any place in the country as long as they can make an appointment in advance." Li Bin insists that investing in user experience should not be the wrong thing.

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