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Release Date:2019-01-07

Founded in October 2001, Auto World is the earliest professional auto portal in China and the largest auto website in South China. It aims to provide a professional, interactive and open network platform for users.


In 2015, Auto World was wholly-owned by Hailing Holdings. It invested heavily in platform construction, information maintenance, website promotion, etc., introduced a number of high-level technical talents, and established a professional evaluation team to evaluate real-time information and new cars. Authoritative data release and new models and quotations and other content are maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an average daily output of nearly 1 million PV.


Under the leadership of Hailing Holdings, the car world in 2017 was completely redesigned, focusing on creating a new business layout integrating professional auto media, auto e-commerce transactions and boutique event planning. In the same year, it was elected as the vice president unit by the Guangdong Automobile Association.


Today, the automobile world is based in Shenzhen and radiates across the country. It now covers more than 20 regions including Guangzhou, Taizhou and Chongqing. In the next five years, the automobile world will cover 100 cities across the country.


Look at the big world and have a car in the world!

Car World: http://www.mycar168.com

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