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Media Partners

Release Date:2019-01-07

CCTIME was initiated by Mr. Xiang Ligang, a senior expert in China's communications industry. It has dozens of media elites from China's information and communication industry. It is positioned in the first portal of China's information and communication field and is committed to promoting the development of China's information and communication industry. Beijing Feixiang Interactive Culture Media Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with the business philosophy of innovation, professionalism, efficiency and service. Focusing on Internet services – with resource integration and advanced marketing solutions, taking full advantage of talent potential as the core Specialized, standardized, and internationalized development path; Committed to creating a more harmonious business model - constantly break through the traditional business cooperation mode, and use its individualized management ideas to form its own characteristics of operation and development.

Established in 1999,Big-Bit is an information group dedicated to publishing International Electronic Transformer magazines & discs, operating two business website www.Big-bit.com; www.ic.big-bit.com for all manufacturers in global electronic world.Helping customers to select, purchase magnetic components through our media are our responsibility; promoting the status and competitiveness of clients is our mission. Big-Bit provides high-quality products and services that best suit the needs of each customer within every segment of the electronic industry. Our mission statement serves to focus our efforts on consistent conformance to customer’s expectations for quality products and professional services. However, we realize that our mission statement must go beyond mere words on paper. It must be articulated every day in the capabilities and pride of workmanship of every Big-Bit employee serving you.

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