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Release Date:2019-01-05

Citnews is relatively high-end, focusing on the development of the network economy and the practitioners in the Internet and telecommunications-related industries. The market decision-makers occupy a considerable proportion, and the brand promotion of online media companies and interactive advertising agencies is very high. commercial value. The data shows that the level of visitor's secondary school is mostly high school and above, and the junior college and above are among the high level.

Bus Alliance Network (www.cnbuses.com) is affiliated to Beijing Longtu Technology Co., Ltd., which mainly provides information exchange and communication services for the bus industry. Since its inception, Bus Alliance Network has been adhering to the "Our service is for your market!", "Concentration, Professional, Focus" operation service concept, and strive to build a professional portal and passenger car strategy for the bus industry. information platform.

Relying on strong network technology advantages and professional operation team, the bus alliance network boldly subverts the inherent mode of traditional industry media, creates the industry's most powerful and complete products, information library and vertical search engine functions, and establishes the most extensive media alliance to build The earliest video communication and stereoscopic communication modes brought new experiences and different feelings to the industry readers. From corporate brand event planning, industry market discussion to specific subject research, the bus alliance network team fully utilizes its unique professional advantages to form a set of “extraction-production-report-propagation-promotion” penetration mode to promote the exchange of industry information. To provide decision-making reference for high-end people.

With the support of bus users at home and abroad, industry experts, bus companies and other industry media, the bus network with a strong industry background has become the focus of the industry. The first "Around Review", "Bus Watch", "Industry Brief", "Video Broadcast", "Product PK", "Overseas Stand", "Fengyun People", "Bus Theory" and other columns have their own characteristics. The industry has created the best information exchange platform, which significantly highlights the style of the bus alliance network.

In 2017, the new version of the homepage of the bus alliance network was unveiled. The new version of the page is more concise and delicate, but the connotation is more abundant and full. We firmly believe that from the news information to the ideological value, from the network technology support to the communication service project, the bus alliance network that firmly adheres to the concept of “exquisite communication” will continue to influence the forward development of the online media in the Chinese bus industry.

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