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Vehicle E&E Architecture Specific Cyber Security Features Configuration Strategy

Release Date:2018-11-21

The whole automotive industry is facing the challenge of security threats due to upcoming connected car trends. To secure connected car eco-system we have to adopt state of art E&E architecture specific four layer security concept. ECU/Module specific security features definition (w.r.t defined security concept) is a challenge to auto industry.


Whole E&E architecture specific extensive threat modelling provides security needs. We will apply four layer security approach w.r.t potential attach path on the identified security needs to define security requirement. We have proposed a unique approach to develop whole E&E architecture specific security concepts. This approach will help to define ECU specific cyber security features from the overall vehicle level security concept. Through this approach we can configure security requirement in a cost effective manner without sacrificing architecture specific security interest/concept. Security configuration matrix will enable addition or deletion of security features in case of adding/deleting any of the vehicle’s basic functionality/features. ECU specific Security features can be customized based on ECU h/w capability along with E&E architectural capability.  

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