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How to Achieve Assurance of Secure V2X Capabilities

Release Date:2017-12-24

         How to Achieve Assurance of Secure V2X Capabilities

After years of theoretical research and experiments, V2X technology will be put into actual combat, which will greatly improve the safety of the car. In 2017, the major vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 and the Industry Alliance launched V2X products, technology and industry standards, including: Chery Auto built the first intelligent network V2X model road in Anhui province China; SAIC Motor planed commercialize its Roewe car with experiencing V2X function in 2019; Qualcomm released its breakthrough C-V2X connected vehicle solutions; NXP introduced global first secured extensible V2X platform based on single chip; STMicroelectronics and Autotalks successfully developed V2X chipset; USDOT with other seven automotive manufactures in CAMP Alliance developed V2X safety specification; Cadillac CTS, the first commercially available vehicle with V2V capabilities came into service.


However, the success of V2X technology must depend on the development of network security and information security. Automakers have been challenged with the task of making a fully secure connected vehicle to keep drivers safe on the road and protect their privacy. Vehicles are designed with driver and passenger safety as a key concern; however, without proper security, there cannot be safety. V2X is the next generation vehicle technology that is being researched and developed not only from the well known vehicle manufacturer, it is also researched and developed at national level in the United States and Europe. However, as vehicles are converged with IT technology, security threats that existed in preexisting IT environment are also being transferred to vehicles. There has been hacking cases announced around famous conferences which was performed on actual vehicles. If there is a hacking damage case targeting the future V2X environment, security measures are required because it could lead to accidents related to humans.




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