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Release Date:2017-11-16

The new facility is in Greater Manchester
The new facility is in Greater Manchester

NCC Group has opened its first dedicated automotive cyber security assessment, research and training facility.

The cyber security and risk mitigation firm says the move is part of its ongoing commitment to raising security standards across the industry.

The new facility in Greater Manchester provides the company’s specialist automotive team with a dedicated space to carry out its cutting-edge research, perform training and complete practical security assessments on client vehicles.

“Consumer demand for the newest functionality often results in manufacturers developing new features without proper consideration for the potential security implications,” said Andy Davis, Transport Assurance Practice director at NCC Group.

“Furthermore, where vehicles are constructed using a variety of components from different manufacturers, the number of vulnerabilities grows significantly.

“With the rising popularity of connected cars and the growing trend for automation in the automotive sector, cyber security is an increasing concern.

“It’s important that the issue of cyber resilience is addressed if we are to detect and defend against evolving threats and that is our specialist automotive team’s primary focus.

“The new facility means that we can continue to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying and helping to mitigate automotive vulnerabilities.”

NCC Group

Current security concerns in the automotive sector range from vulnerabilities in telematics and infotainment systems, to V2X technologies and autonomous sensors.

The Transport Assurance Practice performs research-driven security testing and provides expert advice and guidance on cyber security resilience across the automotive, maritime, aerospace and rail sectors.

The Practice also provides security assurance and escrow services to vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. 

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