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Kaspersky Lab, AVL Software to cooperate on automotive cybersecurity

Release Date:2017-11-15

By Editorial Team on June 19, 2017

The number of new experiences and connectivity features included in modern cars is steadily increasing and many core components such as steering and brakes are controlled by electronics. Thus modern cars are way more vulnerable to car malware and intrusion. To tackle this issue, Kaspersky Lab and AVL will work together on the development of advanced, embedded security technologies.

To pave the way for a world of secure connected cars, both companies will join forces to co-develop a software solution that ensures between the car itself and its external connected infrastructure, build best cybersecurity practices and coaching portfolio for automotive security. This partnership aims at developing a reliable and flexible software platform to enable car manufacturers to implement a Secure Communication Unit into their cars.

Alex Moiseev, CSO of Kaspersky Lab, comments: “Kaspersky Lab’s automotive security experts have been monitoring connected car vulnerabilities and their rapidly increasing cybersecurity attack-surface for many years and believe that the only way to secure the entire connected car ecosystem is through close collaboration between cybersecurity experts and our counterparts in the automotive industry. Our partnership with AVL Software and Functions GmbH marks an important milestone for our journey – starting with in-vehicle security and extending to vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications”.

Kaspersky Lab and AVL Software will present their exemplary secure communication platform at New Mobility World 2017.

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