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Panasonic defends connected cars from cyber attacks

Release Date:2017-11-06

Panasonic has launched an automotive intrusion detection and prevention system designed to defend connected cars.

Cyber attacks on vehicles could result in death or injury. Most of these vehicles will be connected over mobile networks and, as our sister publication Telecoms wrote earlier today, these are inherently vulnerable. With this in mind, a system which is able to detect attacks is vital.

Panasonic’s latest technology is able to discover and simultaneously prevent attacks in real-time. Similar to an anti-virus on a computer, it will detect and isolate the attack before it affects the vehicle, and then safely discard it.

There are two parts to the system — the ‘monitoring module’, and the ‘monitoring cloud’.

  • Monitoring module - This is installed within the vehicle itself and checks all its functions based on the monitoring rules.

  • Monitoring cloud - Attacks which are unable to be detected by the in-vehicle monitoring module are uploaded to the cloud; where the updated rules can be pushed to other users to detect and prevent similar attacks on their vehicles.

This is where connected cars are able to improve security. Whereas many older vehicles are rarely updated, and any vulnerabilities that were present at manufacturing continue to pose a threat, patches and rules downloaded from the cloud can quickly be distributed to fix issues.

Connected cars are quickly growing in prominence. In fact, some analysts expect the market to grow threefold to £120bn by 2022. New technologies such as NVIDIA’s Pegasus, announced today, are also bringing the dream of fully-autonomous ‘Level 5’ self-driving vehicles closer to reality.

Ensuring the highest levels of security for all connected and self-driving cars is paramount; so it’s good to see Panasonic taking it seriously.

What are your thoughts on Panasonic’s intrusion detection system? Let us know in the comments.


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