Hello,Welcome toChina Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2017!

Design and Discussion of Chery Automobile Network Security

Release Date:2017-02-15

Chery Automobile as a leader in China's own brand car company, has been built from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, from traditional cars to new energy vehicles, from the vehicle to the key parts, from design and development to trial production of relatively complete Product research and development system, and through independent innovation, mastered a large number of independent intellectual property rights with the core technology, walking in the forefront of China's auto industry. Chery in the development process has always attached great importance to the automotive product information applications in the automotive active safety electronic systems, automotive multimedia systems and engine electronic control systems and other product development and application research has made a large number of technical achievements, and in Chery A3, Fengyun 2 and high-end brand Ruiqi series of new products have been widely used.

Nowadays, the cyber security has been a great challenge for automakers, under that circumstance, Chery Automotive is still the leader in cyber security design and protection field. The upcoming “2nd China Automotive Cyber Security Summit” has invite Mr. Jiyong Gao, the E/E Architecture Director of Chery Automotive to present you the topic of design and future plan of Chery Automotive’s cyber security, providing you a benchmark for your own future cyber security strategies.

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