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Release Date:2017-01-04

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ISBuzz News is an independent resource that provides the best in breaking news for the information security community. Collated from security experts and industry leaders, content is carefully selected to provide you with the latest threat trends, insights, practical solutions, hot topics and advice from around the globe.

Whether you’re interested in the latest vendor announcements, industry research and forecasts or technical advice, ISBuzz News is the place to find everything you need.

Useful links also help you connect with like-minded people, get advice on careers, qualifications and training, plus our independent panel of experts provides answers to topical questions. We have strong community of InfoSec Authors, please click here if you want to be part of this author community.

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About "Robotics and Automation News"

Robotics and Automation News covers the robotics and automation industries around the world. It publishes a website – RoboticsAndAutomationNews.com – and books.

Both the website and books aim to summarise the most interesting developments in the two sectors of robotics and automation, as well as the related fields of the internet of things and computing. 

Our web link: https://RoboticsAndAutomationNews.com

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