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News Letter- The 2nd China Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2017

Release Date:2016-12-25

“The 2nd China Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2017 (CACSS2017)" to be held on the 23rd – 24th. Feb. 2017 in Shanghai China. Based on our first year event conclusion, most of the China Automotive OEMs have started to conduct cyber security research and projects, and they are still lack of technical solutions and management strategies for cyber security development, therefore they are keen to meet partners and suppliers who posses first class in-depth solutions and Strategies to cooperate. The Tier1, Tier2 and other related suppliers have to keep up with the new requirement of Automotive OEM’ network, data, hardware and software system cyber security challenges and strategies,

CACSS2017  will Provide a platform for Automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, Automotive security solution/ technology/products developers,Automotive electronics companies, IT companies, Mobile data suppliers, Automtive insurance companies, and automotive cyber security experts to address government regulations developing trends, Automotive cyber security standards, updated vulnerabilities, “Black Hat” behaviour motivations, State-of-the-Art technology solutions, critical cyber security challengesand collaboration initiatives; Help you to under-stand tailored smart car cyber security productsand solutions, build up a set of effective cyber security management system and improve the capability of protecting smart cars. This second to non Automotive cyber security industry event will assure you to understand China Automotive cyber security industry business opportunities, network with China local customers and consolidate your worldwide leadership. 

Major topics will including:

·Legislation Update: How China government amend the existing laws and regulations for the characteristics of the connected car technology and potential security risks

·Understand the security business risks for OEM's and top tier suppliers, as well as potential adversaries that you'll face, along with their motivation and resources

·Security and Next Gen Automotive Technology including V2X, fleets, ADAS and autonomous cars ·Secure Automated Vehicles Fuse Security With Functional Safety

·How fleet owner, OEMs, Tier 1s, etc can take today to start protecting their vehicles from cybersecurity attacks, including best practices, updates, and monitoring and the longer-term path toward comprehensive solutions

·Plot the what & why of security technology already in progress, including standards, authentication, security analytics and an update on SHE, EVITA, & CAMP

·How to build a Secure Vehicle Architecture: Discuss the security technology implications of connected cars and best practices for designing a vehicle architecture that minimizes attack surfaces and ensures data privacy

·Understand vulnerabilities and make sure maintain security of the vehicle lifecycle: from “design”, “produce”, “use” and beyond to avoid embarrassing recalls

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