Hello,Welcome toChina Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2019!

Agenda-The 3rd Annual China Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2018

The 4th Annual China Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2019 (AGENDA)

Part One: Information security requirements and mapping management based on toolchain;

1. Toolchain-based information security requirements management tools and format definitions;

2. Based on tool chain information security requirements mapping management and method discussion;

3. Analysis of current situation of automobile information security demand in main engine factory and discussion on countermeasures

Part Two: the development of automotive information security processes based on tool software;

1. Discussion on the standard model and management tools of the vehicle development process;

2. Automotive information security development, test verification process and tools;

3. The main vehicle factory vehicle safety process development tool chain support;

Part Three: v2x trusted mechanism and cross-region trusted communication pki cross-trust problem;

1. The host system vehicle network trust system is constructed;

2. Cross-regional trusted communication mechanism, existing problems and countermeasures;

3. Pki trusted mode and cross-trust problem in the automotive field

Part Four: the host factory personnel training and positioning issues;

1. What kind of car safety talents does the OEM need?

2. How does the OEM use resources to develop automotive safety personnel training?

3. Host factory security team positioning and RASIC definition?

Part Five: Emergency response and vulnerability sharing mechanism

1. Vulnerability sharing and collaboration mechanisms in the automotive industry at home and abroad?

2. Problems and suggestions for the sharing of vulnerabilities in the domestic auto industry?

3. Vehicle safety positioning (whether it affects national security) and emergency linkage mechanism (inter-ministerial duties)

The 3rd Annual China Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2018 (AGENDA)


(The 25th, Jan. 2018)

08:15  Registration & Coffeebreak

09:00  Chairman Opening Speech

09:10  Development and Improvement of Connected Car Relevant Laws and Regulations

        • Connected car as the future standard configuraton in the automotive industry,

        • Understand its regulations, laws, Supervision, standard etc. draft in the before market and after market

        • How the Government will revise the existing regulations of connected vehicles against its technology

          features and potential security risks

        • Introduce connected car into current cyber security management system to ensure effective

          controlling of its relevant technology, products, and services

        • Developing connected car security standard system 

09:40  Real Life Telematics Attacks and Vulnerabilities

        • Understand the details of recent real-life Telematics /OBD2 dongle attacks and vulnerabilities

        • Discuss the Ecosystem impacts of these serious vehicle vulnerabilities and possible mitigation strategies

        • With the OBDII port providing access to important vehicle data, learn what efforts companies are

          making to ensure that data being taken out the vehicle is being secured

        • Bolt-on devices can modify software, affecting  in-vehicle cybersecurity systems. How can defenses be

          developed to adapt to new devices being  introduced to the car?

10:10  Lessons Learned From Attacking a Vehicle 

        • Recap the way the attack we did worked 

        • Understand the things that allowed the attack to happen and things that could have been done to prevent it

        • Compare with the way other makers of cars do things, present defenses cars could use as well as where I 

           see things heading in the future

10:40 Social Networking & Coffee Break

11:10  Cybersecurity Concerns on Vehicle Technology Evolution

        • How to ensure security of future models of transportation (autonomous..etc) 

        • Demonstrating the gaps in current cyber security systems 

        • Demonstrate how these vehicles could be hacked and what's required to counter this


11:40 Discussion of some basic questions upon 

          Automotive cyber security: Who will guard products

          safety and privacy safety? How to provide better

          safety models? What are the basic safety 

          requirement of connected cars? What are the 

          business development opportunities that will be

          brought by connected cars? 

12:00 Social Networking & Luncheon

13:30 Panel Discussion:  Low-Level Security Issues in Heavy  Duty Vehicles-Safety - strengths or Mishap 

          for connected vehicles? As to the locus of responsi-bility for monitoring the vehicle for security. Does it 

          belong with the manufacturer, owner, government agency, or an aftermarket security company?

14:00  A Case Study of Vehicular-PKI Establishment for V2X communication 

           of Cooperative-ITS in Korea

14: 30  Reevaluate Vehicle Electronics and Software Architectures and Make sure that Systems are 

            being Developed to be Resilient to Attacks

         • Applying critical thinking to maximize safety and security through your network architecture

         • The metrics used for maximizing safety and security

         • Best practices for designing a vehicle architecture 

         • Consider security in future electrical architectures

15:30  Learn How to Mitigate the Concerns of Protecting the Data Exchange with a Layered Security Approach, 

           eg. Operating System, Network Firewall, Web Runtime, API & Application Layer, and the Best 

           Practices to Implement

16:30  Assurance of Secure V2X Capabilities

        • An update on the current state of deployment of V2X technologies, regulatory and standardisation activities 

          across key global markets

        • Discuss strategies for the implementation of high speed communications security for connected vehicles based 

          on the IEEE 1609.2 standard

        • Examples of the most up-to-date implementation of message authentication and user privacy for the 

          connected vehicle system will be demonstrated, the 2017 Cadillac CTS, the first commercially available vehicle

          with V2V capabilities

17:00  An Eye-opening Talk About the Role Hackers can Play in Protecting Business and Customer Information

         • Defining security (in a grotesque way) the ‘real’ definition of hackers, the way hackers think and work,              
            and how they can be used instead of feared by companies

         • How bug bounties and the Responsible Disclosure processes can work, but also how they sometimes do               
            not ·Take you along the path to these fails, 

         • Discuss the way we can –or could have- improve(d) these processes 

         • Please you with some nice IoT drama. A final ‘calculation’ will try to open the door to a safer online world! 

            (from a hacker’s point of view that is!) 

17:30  Intelligent Connected Vehicle Information Security Architecture and Practice

18:00  End of Day One

DAY TWO SUMMIT Friday (26th, Jan. 2018)

08:15  Registration & Coffeebreak

09:00  Chairman Recap Day One Summit

09:10  Learn the Cybersecurity Solutions based on Big Data and Cloud Platform

09:40  Next Generation Security Architecture for Vehicle: IVI, Ethernet, Cloud and AI


10:10 Secure Can Bus In-vehicle Communication

        • Use lightweight cryptography to achieve CAN implicit authentication 

        • A Secure Design for Practical Identity-Anonymized CAN Application

10:40 Social Networking & Coffee Break

11:10  Addressing Cyber Security Throughout The Supply Chain To Secure The Vehicle’s Evolving Ecosystem

11:40  Towards a Systematic Penetration Testing Framework for In-Vehicular CAN Networks

12:00  Social Networking & Luncheon

13:30  Master the Cutting-edge Security Technology and Methods that are Used in the Process of 

           Developing Underlying Software

14:00  Strategies to Protect ECU Software from Attack

        • Intrusion Detection and Prevention – Protecting Gateway ECUs

        • How to Realize Communication Security between Outside-in car and Backend -New Generation of

          Telematics Security Key Technology

14:30  Intrusion Detection & Reaction 

        • Automotive Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems

        • Intrusion Detection by Density Estimation of Reception Cycle Periods for In-Vehicle Networks

        • Early Warning Systems and Confirm Information Security Review System

15:00  Integration of Security Test Methods Throughout the Validation and Verification Process

15:30  Cyber Security in Intra Vehicle Communication and Inter Vehicle Communication; Protecting 

           Infotainment, Telematics, and Mobile Commerce to Include Bluetooth, WiFi, and WiMax    

16:00  Virtualization Software Architecture and Security

16:30  Runtime Self-Protection in a Trusted Blockchain inspired Ledger

17:00  Get An Pratical Data 

         • to get the big picture of the kind of vulnerabilities seen, which systems and attack vectors seem to 

           be the most affected, and how significant the vulnerabilities really are

        • This data will be useful when considering cybers security strategy and planning, giving a valuable 

           insight into common struggles, failures, and solutions that the industry faces

17: 30  End of the Summit


“ Better and better, the event is very good for us to consider connected vehicle security and safety, help us

    to increase the protection latitude and broaden our horizon”-- SAIC GM

“ Very professional event with forward-looking contents ”-- Lingyun Industrial Corporations Ltd.

“ It is very valuable to understand the program of foreign mainstream manufacturers and security 

    experts solutions“--  Zhengzhou Xin Da Jie An Ltd.

“ Well done to promote network security, highly technical, worthy of participation“-- Cherry Automotive

“ I have enjoyed learing part and have leard new things do’t  know before thank you”-- SBD

“ Gave a great overview what’s going on in that field in Asia fast growing innovative movement”

    -- ZF Friedrichshafen AG

“ It was a great conference with lots of valuable information in a very beautiful location” -- Hella

“A lot of authoritative experts have been invited and many new ideas have been given“ --Continental  


“Very nice! The first time to understand the car networking security, a lot of contact with the forefront of the 

    industry knowledge and current development status, the host is great, very good Simultaneous 


    -- Wuhan HongXu Informations Technology Ltd.


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