Hello,Welcome toChina Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2020!

 ACSS 2019 invites original contributions on all topics related to 

 automotive cyber security, including, but not limited to:

• Toolchain-based information security 

• Automotive information security processes based on tool software

• V2x trusted mechanism and cross-region trusted communication pki 

   cross-trust problem

• Emergency response and vulnerability sharing mechanism

• Secure automated vehicles fuse security with functional safety

• Instrusion detection and preventition (IDPS)as part of secure 

   EE-Architecture strategy

• Security risk analysis; security testing for automotive; 

• FOTA security solutions; KMS,PKS for automotive use-case

As the conference theme this year is “ Reevaluate Vehicle Electronics

and Software Architectures and Make Sure that Systems are being 

Developed to be Resilient to Attacks”, papers highlighting Discuss the 

security technology implications of connected cars and best practices 

for designing a vehicle architecture that minimizes attack surfaces 

ensures data privacyand will be particularly welcomed!

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