Hello,Welcome toChina Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2020!

• Legislation Update: How China government amend the existing laws and regulations   for the characteristics of the connected car technology and potential security risks

• Understand the security business risks for OEM's and top tier suppliers, as well as       potential adversaries that you'll face, along with their motivation and resources

• Security and Next Gen Automotive Technology including V2X, fleets, ADAS and       autonomous cars

• How fleet owner, OEMs, Tier 1s, etc can take today to start protecting their vehicles     from cybersecurity attacks, including best practices, updates, and monitoring and the   longer-term path toward comprehensive solutions

• Plot the what & why of security technology already in progress, including standards,     authentication, security analytics and an update on SHE, EVITA, & CAMP

• How to build a Secure Vehicle Architecture: Discuss the security technology 

  implications of connected cars and  best practices for designing a vehicle 

  architecture that minimizes attack surfaces and   ensures data privacy

• Understand vulnerabilities and make sure maintain security of the vehicle lifecycle:   

   from “design”, “produce”, “use” and beyond to avoid embarrassing recalls 

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